How comfortable are you with discomfort?

Do you shun it like the plague or do you lean in and get cozy with it?

Today’s episode we have a special guest, she is a badass contemporary artist who creates stunning paintings and drawings intended to make you feel and think in new ways beyond old stories. She is extremely fascinated with the many levels of communication between the viewer and the piece, the artist and the work, and the artist to the viewer.

Let’s welcome Nerissa Balland, extensively trained at Pratt Institute, Nerissa received a Master of Fine Arts in painting and has spent the last 18 years working in marketing, branding, and design.

In addition to being a full-time supamama to 2 little angels and a devoted wifey, Nerissa works full-time as a contemporary artist in Miami and is a resident artist at Yo Space. Nerissa was selected to exhibit in 2018 Miami Art Week during Art Basel at The Art Center of Wynwood, she has been selected for several juried exhibitions at ArtServe, Fort Lauderdale and she was featured in Salaan Magazine and Voyage MIA.

You will discover in this episode,

  1. What you must to do as an artist to achieve your goals.
  2. How training yourself for discomfort elevates your Big DREAMS
  3. Nerissa’s heartfelt story that will resonate with you especially if you are facing big adversity and discomfort now.
  4. How your home dramatically affects your mood and how to fix it